If you would like to join us for worship this Sunday at 9:30 am, please let us know by calling the church office or contacting the pastors. We want to make sure we have adequate spacing in the sanctuary for the amount of people that come. We look forward to seeing you!



During tonight’s elders meeting, it was decided that Mt. Calvary is ready to start having in-person worship services with safety precautions in place. The first opportunity to gather together again will be this Sunday, July 12th, during the 9:30 am livestream service.

Worshipers and worshiping families are invited to come into the sanctuary and sit in the pews not marked off with blue tape. In addition, we will ask that worshipers maintain a six-foot distance between persons. Before you enter the building, an elder will greet you outside the doors by the church office and check your temperature with a forehead thermometer.

The 8:00 am outdoor worship service and the 10:30 livestream Bible study will continue as scheduled. However, there will be an additional in-person Saturday night Bible Study on Psalm 23 for those who wish to come. The first two sessions on July 11th and 18th will be prerecorded and then livestreamed at 7 pm, but there will be an in-person meeting at the same scheduled time on July 25th. Please let Pastor Chris know if you would like to come on the 25th.

Communion Services will also still be offered on Wednesdays at 7 pm. Mask requirements will rotate on a weekly basis. The next Communion Service on Wednesday, July 15, will be mask optional. You still must register with one of the Pastors or Lorna if you would like to come to a communion service. If you have any questions about the new schedule, please do not hesitate to contact the Church Office.

God’s peace to you all!



Click below to read the Pastors' letter describing procedures for resuming our celebration of the Lord's Supper and the pre-screening form

Pastors' letter and form





There is a new shipment of greeting cards and napkins in the rack by the Activities Center door.  A nice selection of sympathy, birthday, anniversary and others are available.  You may purchase cards by the box ($6.00 per box) or individually ($1.00 per card).  Please put the money for the cards in the black box on the top of the rack.  If you need help finding some cards, contact Susan Kinsley or any LWML member.  The proceeds from the sale of the cards goes to support LWML mission projects..


Check the current bulletincalendar, and newsletters for the latest news and events.

Watch for Cancellations here--but also listen on Radio Station KOKK 1210.

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Reminder: there will be no Communion Service on Wednesday, July 8th, as it will be too soon after the Elder's meeting on July 7th to coordinate. We will let you know as soon as possible when you can expect services, so that you can plan for them. God's peace to you!



Friendly reminder: This Sunday, July 5th, we will be having a classic car/motorcycle day for our outdoor service at 8 am. Your ride does not have to be an antique. Just bring something you’d love to be seen in or on. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Due to a low number of pre-registered participants, we will not be having a Communion Service on Wednesday, July 1st. However, there will be other opportunities in the near future, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page, website, and bulletin to see when the next one will be. After the Elders meeting on July 7th, we will be more able to provide information about our future schedule. You may also contact one of the Pastors if you are interested in having socially-distant private Communion.



Thanks to everyone who brought their tractor to church! It was fun to see all of them. On Sunday, July 5th, we are going to have another outdoor service like this. Only this time, we are asking that you bring your favorite classic cars and motorcycles. Again, they don't have to be antiques. Just bring something you'd love to be seen in or on. Another friendly reminder that we do want you to keep a six-foot distance between persons and be considerate toward possible high-risk individuals. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



The Elders continue to monitor the situation created by COVID-19 in our community. As of June 14th, our Sunday schedule includes an outdoor service at 8:00 a.m., livestream service at 9:30 a.m., and online Bible Study at 10:30 a.m. You may notice that the outdoor service has been moved from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. This was done in order to avoid any heat that develops midday.

Starting June 20th, Mt. Calvary will begin offering Holy Communion in the sanctuary with many safety precautions in place. To start with, there will be three services offered at 7 pm on June 20th, 24th, and 27th. The services on the 20th and 27th are mask optional, while the 24th is mask required and reserved for people taking every precaution. When you arrive, you will be greeted by an elder or usher outside the doors by the church office, who will take your temperature using a forehead thermometer and ask you some screening questions before you enter the building. The days on which communion is offered may change or expand depending on the number of people who request to take part. In order to participate, you must register by talking to one of the Pastors or Lorna. When you reserve your spot, please also indicate if you would like to have a gluten-free wafer or diluted wine in your individual cup. When you enter the sanctuary, you will notice that every 3rd pew is open, while the others are blocked off. The service itself will be very abbreviated, with a couple prayers, creed, the words of institution, and perhaps a song. When it comes time for distribution, the pastor and/or elder will bring the elements down from the altar on Plexiglas trays that will rest on the end of the pew. When the pastor returns to the altar area, he will prompt you to retrieve the tray, unwrap it, eat, and drink. When you are finished, simply return the tray to its original place. At the conclusion of the service, you will be prompted to exit through the doors by the preschool.

Please continue to watch the website, Facebook, and church publications for more information. The status of sanctuary services and activities will be re-evaluated as information is available and any changes will be posted. For those without internet access to view livestream worship services and listen to recorded worship services, CDs/bulletins can be requested by calling the church office at (605)352-7121. The elders also express their sincere and heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support of our beloved congregation at Mt Calvary.

We continue to pray for God’s protection so that everyone can stay safe and healthy in this time.

In Christ, Pastor Chris and Pastor Kevin



Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than having church outside, we have another announcement to make. On Sunday, June 21st, the 8 o’clock outdoor service will be a “drive your tractor to church” Sunday. Your tractor does not have to be an antique, but that would be a plus. One of our members, Roger Kropuenske, who normally does commentary at the Antique Power Show, would love to see them. And it will be a fun experience for everybody else who comes too. Though it may be tempting to get a look up close, we ask you to please continue to maintain a six-foot distance between persons and be considerate towards others who may be at high risk. See you there!



Beginning this Sunday (June 14th), Mt. Calvary will start a new routine which will include two services and livestreamed Bible Study. The first service will be an 8:00 am outdoor service in the parking lot and the second service at 9:30 am will continue to be livestreamed. Following the conclusion of the 9:30 am livestreamed service, we will also continue to have livestreamed Bible Study. Please note this change as you consider your options for worship and study of God's Word!



The weather forecast for Sunday looks good, so we are planning to have our first Mt. Calvary outdoor/parking lot service at 11:00 am Sunday morning. We will park vehicles in every other space so we have the capacity for approximately 50 vehicles. Some street parking is also available in the area and folks could potentially bring chairs and social distance in the area parks during worship. Those gathered will be able to tune into KMCL 101.1 FM and listen to the service from the comfort of their vehicles (thank you Lord for Roger’s work on this!). We will also have a limited number of printed services for those gathered so arrive early if possible and we will do our best to make this a great experience for all in the fellowship we have as the Lord’s people! Peace be with you all, Pastor Chris



During tonight's elders meeting, it was decided that it is not yet the right time for Mt. Calvary to resume regular in-person services. However, planning is taking place to have a drive-in service on Sunday, May 31st. This would follow the regular livestream service on that day. There would be appropriate social distancing measures taken during this outdoor service. Going forward, this new schedule will be subject to change, in order to re-incorporate an adult Bible study hour in the weeks to come. Due to the recent spike in positive Covid-19 tests in Beadle County, it was also decided that Mt. Calvary would not yet resume celebrating the Lord's Supper. We thank you for your understanding and ask that you would continue praying for the leadership of Mt. Calvary as they make these difficult decisions.



On Sunday, May 17th, Mt. Calvary will have a guest preacher via video chat. His name is Rev. Rod Benkendorf from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. If you would like to know more about him or the work of the Lutheran Heritage foundation, here are some helpful resources:

About Rev. Rod Benkendorf

About the Lutheran Heritage Foundation



In response to technological issues on Sunday, we have scheduled another upgrade to our livestream capability. You should be able to see a difference soon!



Due to ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, all regular activities at Mt. Calvary are canceled for now.

The office is open M-F 8:00 a.m.-noon and 1:00-5:00 p.m. but we ask you to please call ahead at 352-7121.

Worship services will be available via livestream, which can be found by going to

The full livestreamed service will be available for viewing on the website afterward. Audio recordings will also be posted promptly to the website. For those without internet access, CDs and bulletins can be requested by calling the church office.

We continue to pray for God’s protection so that everyone can stay safe and healthy in this time.

In Christ, Pastor Chris and Pastor Kevin