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       1. Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?
       2. An Abortion Catechism
       3. Abortion Providers Help Pedophiles
       4. Abortion and Feminism
       5. Abortion by Richard Deem
       6. It's a baby by any other name! by Pastor Domke

      1. Angels - A Study in God's Unseen Creation by Pastor Domke
      2. Angels Bible Study - Leaders Guide by Pastor Domke
      3. Angels Bible Study - Participants Version by Pastor Domke
      4. The Biblical Doctrine Of the Angels by Raymond F. Surburg, PH,D., Th.D.

       1. Defending The Christian Faith  compiled by Pastor Dan Domke

       1. A Comparison of the Baptisms of John the Baptizer with that instituted by Jesus
           Christ. by R.J. Shuta 1977
        2. The Sacrament of Baptism by Pastor Dan Domke

      1. The History of the English Bible
      2.  LCMS Position on Scripture - History and Science
      3.  Does The Bible Contradict Itself?
      4.  In Defense of the Bible. By Pastor Dan Domke
      5.  In Defense Of The Bible - Power Point Presentation by Pastor Dan Domke

Bible Studies
      1.  A Study On the Image of God by Pastor Domke
       2. Man as Male and Female: Created in the Image of God by Dr. Nathan Jastram

Church Administration
      1. Building Team Work In the Church and School Staff
      2. Leadership Training For Boards and Committees by Pastor Dan Domke
      3. Pastor Elder Training by Pastor Darwin Karsten - Edited by Pastor Dan Domke

      1. God's Perfect Creation by Pastor Daniel E. Wagner
      2.  A Demonstration of God's Love by Richard Deem
      3. Origin of Man and the Races by Richard Deem

Cults, New Age, and the Occult

   1. Halloween
         a. Halloween: Once A Matter Of Life and Death by Ink Mndelsohn - Smithsonian
             News Service

   2. Islam
          a. Christ Verses Mohammed by Pastor Domke
          b. Islam a Study in Contrasts by Pastor Domke
          c. Islam - Probe Ministries
          d. Top Ten Rules in the Quran that Oppress Women
          e.  Islam Beyond The Study
          f.  The Challenge of Islam Part 1
          g. The Challenge of Islam Part 2
          h.  Islam Encourages Lying to Decieve Unbelievers for World Conquest
          i.  Sharia Law Is Supreme in US
          j.  Sharia Law, Polygamy and Child Marriage,
          k. Sharia Law and American State Courts An Analysis
          l.  Sharia and Violence in American Mosques
          m. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
          n.  Muslims want it illegal to criticism Islam
          o.  Sharia Law a Warning for Women
          p. The Joys of A Muslim Woman

    3. Jehovah Witnesses
          a. History and a Comparison between what Jehovah Witnesses teach and
              what the Bible teaches.

    4. Mormonism
          a. Testing the Creation Model of the LDS Church by Richard Deem
          b.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Statement on Mormonism 
          c.  Baptism For the Dead by Pastor Dan Domke
          d.  Contradictions Between the Book of Mormom and the Bible by Luke Wilson
          e.  Failed Prophies of Joseph Smith by 'Institute for Religion Research
          f.  Is Mormonism Christian? by Institute for Religion Research
          g. Latter Day Saints - An Evaluation
          h. Mormonism by Pastor Dan Domke
          i.  Occultic and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism by Joel B. Groat

     5. New Age and Occult Studies
          a. New Age and The Occult by Pastor Domke
          b. Satanism - A Veil of Deception - by Pastor Domke
          c. Satanism In America - The National Criminal Justice Task Force on Occult
              Related Ritualistic Crimes

      1. Evangelism One by Pastor Dan Domke
      2. Evangelism Two by Pastor Dan Domke
      3. Evangelism Three by Pastor Dan Domke
      4. Evangelism Four by Pastor Dan Domke
      5. Passing On The Mantle by Pastor Dan Domke 
      6. Sequential Evangelism by Pastor Dan Domke   

      1. How should you respond if you have friends who think they are gay?
2. Myths and Facts About Homosexuality
3. Pro-family websites for support and therapy
4. How should educators respond when a teen says, “I think I’m Gay”?
      5. If you have a friend who thinks they are Homosexual.
6. Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples.
7. Talking Points Concerning Same Sex Marriage
8. Testimony In Support of Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment Affirming Marriage
9. Does your school accept, promote, and celebrate homosexuality?
     10.Top Ten Reasons to Protect Students from GLSEN's Deceptive 'Marriage'
11. Bible Study Concerning Homosexuality
12. Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement
     13. Christian Review with Scripture on Homosexuality
14. Developmental Issues in Lesbianism
15. Developmental Issues in Homosexual Males
16. Five Good Reasons to Reject Same Sex Marriage - 2004
17. Gay Activism In The Schools
     18. Gender Identity – What they didn’t tell you!
19. Genetic Versus Developmental Theory
20. Marriage On Trial
21. Born or Bred
     22. New Genetics Study Undermines Gay Gene Theory
     23. The Influence of Sexual abuse on Homosexuality
     24. Homosexual Orientation-Issues - Issues Etc
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     25. Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria

           Note: For help to exit the homosexual life style or for help with same sex
           attraction go to 

        1. Maintaining Our Lutheran Identity, by Pastor Domke
        2. What Is A Lutheran? by Pastor Domke

Marriage and Family
    1. Marriage and Family God's by Pastor Domke
    2. Marriage and Family - Headship of Christ - God's Plan For Family
         by Pastor Dan Domke

History of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)
    1. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod at One Hundred & Fifty Years 1847 to 1997
    2. History of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Huron, SD

Martin Luther 

Natural Law

Reformation Studies

Victims of Assault
     1. Hope and Healing

World View Education
      1. Secular Humanism
          a. LCMS View On Secular Humanism
2. World View Education 
          a.  World View Presentation by Pastor Domke
          b. The Importance of know worldviews is know the difference between God
               and Evil by Pastor Dan Domke
      3. The Negative Effect of Evolutionary materialism on Women.