New Members

How can I join the congregation?

There are three different ways to join the congregation.

First, to transfer in from another LCMS congregation. A transfer is restricted to LCMS members in good standing. To transfer contact the congregation where your membership resides and request a transfer. Normally, that is all you have to do. When we receive that transfer you will contacted. 

Second, you can join the congregation by sitting down with one of the pastors to go through a profession of faith where this is appropriate. The POF is a discussion with a  pastor about what you believe concerning various biblical topics.

The third option is attending  the “Pastors Class”. At the end of this class each individual can request membership if they agree with the teachings of the Bible, the confessional faith of the congregation and that of the LCMS. We encourage everyone new to the congregation to attend a new member class.

Regardless of the method of joining the congregation we would ask each person to fill out the application for membership available from either one of the pastors or the church office. The procedure: Membership applications are turned into the church office, then they are presented to the Board of Elders. With a pastor’s recommendation new members are received privately at this meeting. Then normally on an appropriate Sunday following the Elders meeting each new member is given the honor to profess their faith publicly. See Romans 10:10. Once received into membership by professing the same faith as the congregation, the new member is invited to attend the Lord’s Supper and participate in all activities of the congregation.