- Adult Confirmation

The “Pastors Class” is usually offered in the fall and spring.  At the end of this class each individual can request membership if they agree with the teachings of the Bible, the confessional faith of the congregation and that of the LCMS. We encourage everyone new to the congregation to attend the Pastor's new member class.

This Pastor’s Class is for people who are interested in learning more about Christianity and what the Lutheran Church believes and why we believe it. And this class is for those who wish to join the congregation. And finally it is for members of the congregation who wish to review the basics of the Christian Faith. Any question can be asked. You will not be called on to read unless you are willing. Classes are very informal…no tests. There is no obligation to join any Church, including Mount Calvary. During the class you will be given the opportunity to join our fellowship, but only if you choose to do so. 

Contact one of the pastors for information on the next scheduled class.